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It is that TIME of the year again. DIGI WWWOW Awards is back!

DIGI WWWOW Internet For all awards is an annual event by DIGI Malaysia to champion creativity, uphold entrepreneurialism and recognise ingenuity on the Internet! The Internet For All awards showcases outstanding work in ways of blogs, videos, start-ups, apps, events, music, shops, innovative channels and so much more.

And we at Terato tech always support this kind of initiative by submitting more and more entries every year (last year actually the first time ever we entered, anyway).

So this year, me, Teratoman has submitted 4 entries for the awards and this time we’re dead serious (needing your votes) about it.

iAES Tracker (App of The Year by InMobi)



iAES Tracker for Android is the best (at least for me :-P) AES Tracker you would find in Malaysia Google Play Market.

It’s simple, easy to use, beautiful, light, honest and accurate AES tracker app and I think most of you still using it until today.

So why not give this green chap pat on the back by voting him and make him smile.

>> VOTE iAES Tracker from this link <<

Come on!

AMoK (App of The Year by InMobi)


Very the ganas.

Oh yes, oh yes, the mighty Jebat joined the race this time with Damak and Tun Teja.

Amok, the game we published with Bulkypix currently played by thousands of active users every hour and one of top ranked game in Europe (France noticeably).

It is FREE to play and hopefully you can find some FREE time to give some vote to this top rated game.

>> VOTE AMok from this link <<

Here is another one.

PRU.MY (App of The Year By InMobi)

VOTE! Phantom voters also can!

VOTE! Phantom voters also can!

PRU.MY, powered by Snappinion with active involvement of is another initiative by Terato to gave Malaysian an appropriate platform (iOS, Android, web :-P) to voice their thoughts during the recent General Election, last May.

It is FREE and still active and you can get it now from

>> VOTE PRU.MY from this link <<

Last but not least, well, we submitted an entry for this blog too.

Terato tech Blog (Fave Tech Head By Lowyat)

I am so touching the floor.

I am so touching the floor.

>> VOTE Terato tech Blog from this link <<

We won the App of The Year award for last year edition through First Words for Geeks and hopefully this year, well, hopefully we win something.

Let’s get started. Show us your support and hopefully with your votes, Terato would get into the next stage of the awards.

Get the entire list of Terato submission: HERE

Thank you. You the best.

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