Programming for Kids – Some tools!

In the current century, it is undeniably, people are relying on computer more than ever. Let it be in businesses, cooking, investing, socialising, the list will go on and on endlessly, pretty much on every occasion of our lives. For most average kid, computers and smartphones are fun tools. Education comes much later. Thoughts from […]

Here to 2014

Happy new year! Hopefully 2014 would be another great year for us in terms of productivity, awesomevity and revenuevity. We’ve released/co-released lot of sweet stuff in 2013, noticeably AppOnion, Axiata Cup, Maybank Malaysia Open, Majalah Jom,, and Slurp. Other than that we have received our ISO9001 : 2008 certification, winning the DIGIWWWOW App of […]

Happy Holidays from Terato! Will you?

Another quick post (lot of them recently). The team of Terato would like to wish all of you happy holidays (Christmas, school holiday, new year, habiskan cuti)!

Even our office right now having some kind of festive mood more importantly to reflects all the stuff we done throughout the year.

Have a good one everybody and don’t forget to try AppOnion while you’re at it.