DeNA Signs a deal with Terato and MATRADE mobile app launch (updated with Press kit)

DeNA Asia Pacific Holdings and Terato tech yesterday signed an MOU, during Casual Connect Asia event in Suntec City, Singapore yesterday. The MOU has been signed between DeNA Asia Pacific Managing Director, Tetsuya Mori and Terato tech’s Founder, Reza Razali. Also presents are Toshihiko Suyama (Director of Market Development, DeNA Asia Pacific), Sheikh Faleigh Sheikh […]

Iphone Vs Android Vs Blackberry

I have a little chit chat and comparison here to discuss and share with you guys. As already well known in our ears, mobile telecommunication has widely improved and becoming increasingly significant. Iphone, Android, and BlackBerry; even though they share the same functions (as mobile phones) or smart phones, to be exact, it is more […]