Introducing KRRazy Snaps by Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters (and with our little help, yes), the multi award winning mid-casual dining restaurant with Rotisserie-roasted chicken as its main core item complemented by a rich variety of hot and cold side dishes, going all krrazy with KRRAZY Snaps, a simple camera app to snap and capture your beautiful and tasty memories at their restaurants. […]

Darkness Fallen, Now!

The time has come. Darkness descends upon your iTunes and internet browsers (partly took this from some tumblr). Terato Games and DeNA (D-N-A) would ‘betaly’ present you Darkness Fallen. A VERY FREE to play Trading Card Game, It’s all about world filled with darkness, you as the hero/heroin/knight rises to fight the evil from beneath the ground. As you […]

GREAT 2014 with Terato Tech

Learn about our tutors: Terato Tutors at Great 2014 (From Great main website) GREAT™ is THE ultimate gathering of Malaysian entrepreneurs, startups and funders. Get access to a great network of likeminded talents, great knowledge and insight and of course, super great funding for your innovative ideas! This 4-day festival allows aspiring entrepreneurs to tap […]

Introducing Slurp, The Next Generation Cloud Point of Sale by SilentMode

It’s finally here. Nearly a year of research and development, our friend at SilentMode finally can go live with their first product, Slurp, a cloud based POS system. Feast upon some screenshots from the main website. Do engage with SilentMode on the Slurps’ main website (click!) and you can even request for a FREE live demo […]

Buletin MyPutrajaya, Majalah Jom dan LearnQuran48H kini di iPhone

Aiyo merupakan hasil kerja Terato yang sentiasa berkembang mengikut peredaran masa. Para pengaturacara kami sebolehnya tidak mahu memberikan jawapan pantas dan murah kepada permintaan para pengguna/pembaca (baca: penyelesaian HTML5 dan bukan natif). Kini (sebenarnya sejak Disember yg lepas) para pembaca Buletin MyPutrajaya, Majalah Jom dan LearnQuran48H telah  memuat turun dan membaca aplikasi-aplikasi tersebut di peranti iPhone. […]