Ilham on Android: Studio

Eclipse was my first IDE for developing Android applications. I’ve used Eclipse before for Java stuff, so navigating the user interface was easy. I used the IDE for a few years, and somehow felt slower as the project grew bigger. I tried Android Studio in its early days, but it was still difficult to use […]

Google Wallet Merchant is here!

WOOHOOOOOOO!!! Finally after years of waiting, we just got an email from Google stating that Google Wallet Merchant is finally adding Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand to the list of supported country. We in Terato are celebrating this good news. But what does it mean, what happened after this ? This means, it will be […]

APPONION The Next Best Thing

Dear people, today (or rather yesterday, as we launched it during the DevFest KL event in Cyberjaya), we’re announcing the AppOnion,Ā the latest app by the ever awesome Terato tech team to help users to find the best app currently on the stores other than theĀ greater goal, to find The Golden Onion. AppOnion currently focuses on […]

12 Soroton (atau wajah babyface) teknologi 2012 oleh Harian Metro. Oh, dan Kerja Kosong!

Sekali lagi terima kasih kepada Harian Metro dan Afiq Hanif kerana menyertakan kami di dalam ruangan tengah it@Metro semalam. Melalui cerita bertajuk 12 Sorotan Teknologi Anda Tertinggal, Terato atau lebih khusus sebenarnya (bersama muka) Reza Razali, dikatakan sebaris dengan syarikat antarabangsa yang bertapak di Amerika Syarikat seperti Google, Yahoo dan juga Twitter. Ini merupakan penghargaan […]

Google Voice Search now available in BM

Google announced the availability of Google Voice Search in BM here at the Dua Residences’ Delicious. Demonstrating Google’s BM mastery at the event was the Product Manager of Google Southeast Asia, Andrew McGlinchey and Hanson Toh, Malaysia’s Country Consultant appointed by Google. Similar to the English version, it’s a faster, and more intuitive way of […]