HDC Halal App is now on Android (later on BlackBerry)!

Halal Development Corporation, an agency which coordinates the overall development of the Halal industry in Malaysia has finally released their inaugural Android version of the best Halal mobile app in the region, Halal. Complete with all the tools to help users finding all the Halal certified premises and food products under the Malaysian sun, the app […]

We Love Halal Media!

We’ve been featured(indirectly) in several newspapers across the nation. In conjunction with last night The World Halal Research 2010 Awards and Recognition dinner (plus the app official launching ceremony), people has been impressed and excited about the Halal App iPhone application. HDC chief executive officer Datuk Seri Jamil Bidin said the app would surely benefited […]

Meeting and Rewarding

At Teratotech, we believe in rewarding people for their hard work, courage and determination. Fresh from their success of completing the pilot phase of Halal Locator Project, the so called ‘Halal’ team: Zara Aida, Aizuddin and Maisarah were given the opportunity to smell the lovely scent of all new Nexus1 and iphone boxes courtesy of […]

Sentuhan Halal Anda

Kami mendapat berita gembira (sebenarnya dari semalam lagi) mengenai tersenarainya aplikasi iphone ‘Halal Locator’ yang kami bangunkan dengan kerjasama Halal Development Corporation Sdn Bhd dan MSCMS Sdn Bhd. Berita mengenainya boleh didapati dalam akhbar Kosmo! keluaran hari ini. Tahniah kepada pasukan pembangun kami yang bertungkus lumus menyiapkan projek ini. Semoga ada lagi yang lebih hebat […]