Welcome to the all new Terato tech’s website

Welcome, oh welcome! Its official! We’ve been working on a new, fresh and re-designed website for the past few months. Been busy preparing for this launch and are excited to unveil the new face of Terato Tech’s corporate website. From now on, it would be lot easier for visitor to browse through our products and services. Other than […]

Surat Terbuka Ahmad Alfhajri tentang Terato tech

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia saya ucapkan kepada semua pembaca blog Terato Tech yang sedang membaca artikel ini. Di sini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kerana sudi menyiarkan artikel yang tidak seberapa ini sempena saya menamatkan latihan praktikal di Terato Tech dan ingin meminta maaf kepada pihak Terato Tech atas kelewatan untuk membuat artikel ini. Umum […]

3 Years Ago

Receive a memo from the boss earlier today. Dear Team, Three (3) years ago on 1st Dec 2008, I first moved in into this office.  Since then we have had a non stop good run and growth from 2 people to about 15-16 people we have now, And now as we officially moved into our […]