Remember this?

I am ready.

I am a sweet guy. While I can’t really find any other word to describe how sweet I am, it’s obvious that I’m wouldn’t let guys down. I do think, the two videos below are than what you’re expected. But dreams shouldn’t be something that is easy to grasp.

Reza Razali on ASTRO Awani’s Sudut Pandang: Memacu Era Aplikasi Mudah Alih (Part 1 & 2)

One minor update in our 100th(WOHOO!) blog post. I’ve found this on the net. Something cute.

I might didn’t really understand what he trying to say but as google translates some of his words, it makes me wish to give him a warm hug. Or at least a kiss on the cheek. Thank you handsome.

Click this to view the video inside.

One more thing, tuned to ASTRO Awani tonight at 8.00PM. There’s a surprise for you guys!

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