That was the word of Jessica Kahn of Tapulous from one of the Apple Developer Connection video from last year. The first time I saw the video was last May before the release of iPhone 3.0 . Now one year after, I am here with a team I can totally be proud of. We have been churning one app after another, closing one deal after another and has been growing from being a two man show to being a startup powered by eleven talented individuals.

Trying to find the signal...

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With all this growth and talented individuals on the team however we recently received news that some people don’t actually believe in us, saying that we have no capacity and capability of delivering key project results which is a total BS. Lets prove all these bureaucrats wrong. Lets rock their socks off 🙂 .

4 comments on “Be Very Selective, Build a Great Team…”

  1. somehow, i cant keep my eyes on the tags.
    henzman, kamu sungguh lucu!! hahahaha..mestikah ada henzman cute semua itu?
    kiter tak dapat hubung kaitkan semua tag itu?:P

    haha nice tags indeed.

  2. and yeah , Fahmi ..i do love the teams and totally agree with the moto.and glad to be a part of the team.
    Sayang korang<3..muah

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