After the Kabab

Well, well, well. After a hectic and fun 3 months. Finally it’s time for the interns from MMU Cyberjaya to say goodbye.

Very big thank you to Jake, Keen and Hwei Teeng for their fruitful contribution and smiles for the organisation. Hopefully, we’ll meet again in the future.

Oh, and some notes from the lady. Please read what Hwei Teeng have to say:


First of all, I would like to thanks the boss of Terato,  Mr.Reza for giving me the opportunity to do my internship in his company. What I can say is I am feeling lucky to be picked to work here. The next
person I would like to give my appreciation is to Mr. Ashraf & Mr. Hijazi who are guiding us throughout our internship there. Almost forgot, BOSS–Thanks for all the great food! My tummy had never been
so satisfied by 5 meal (a day) of foods for long time.

Besides that, working here is fun and also to meet good and funny people in the company. The best part was I eat a lot since I started intern in Terato. I thought I would grow fatter, but sadly I do not
know why I was still so thin. It’s really pleasure to have such good working environment. Keep it up!

Again and again, thanks to all. Work Hard, Play Hard, Earn $ Hard!!

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