The meeting (with HDC) finished at about 6 pm. Due to traffic jam around Damansara, we decided to have our late lunch cum dinner at 1 Utama.

We were really ravenous after a hard day @ work (not to mention skipping lunch due to time constraints) , so we decided to grab a bite at the first restaurant that we saw. The first one we saw was Italiannies hehe but we thought it was a bit too expensive for lunch. So the second restaurant that we saw was Nando’s. So Nando’s it is. Here are some pictures taken @ Nando’s. So I guess tomorrow must wake up early again to jog for 10 laps.

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  1. Italiannies aint that expensive there is a RM 29.70 special right now, should have told me and we culd have been there yesterday 😛

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