89.9 baby!

We were mentioned earlier on BFMradio during their Tech Talk segment!

David Wang of blogjunkie was talking about how to use Twitter in your business, and he said we were (sexy Teratoman :-P) doing a good job, and yes, we are VERY happy to receive this acknowledgment! 😀

This is David Wang and the filename is Single. Click to view the source.

It’s great when people start to notice us but unfortunately David, we honestly feel we are not worthy of such praise yet. We do not have great traction yet…. so we’ll work on our hotness and sweetness, ya?

Let’s see how things go in the future 😀

So this is us, very excited and even more motivated but still….

…sexay. 😉

UPDATE: We have the audio here – (Click the PLAY button)

Alternatively, you can listen the podcast on BFM website as well here: Using Twitter for your business

(The audio is a production of BFM 89.9 The Business Station)

3 comments on Our first 5 seconds worth of fame! :D

  1. LOL guys, I think you guys are more excited about being mentioned on radio than I am of being interviewed by BFM. But yes, I think you guys are doing a good job with your online marketing because Teratotech (and the sexy Teratoman) are the among first people I think of when I think of mobile apps and games. That’s a good result right? So you guys must be doing something right. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. If you ask me, I can honestly say its more to someone noticing us 😀
    We still have a long way to go, though but no worries, we’ll get there. We’ll keep up the good work for sure, and David, thank you for remembering us! 😀

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