At one point of time, Malaysians were shocked, appalled, and some were even disgusted with the discovery that some restaurants overload their food with the spice kas kas, which were said to have addictive effects when consumed. Or something like that.

Subsequently, concerned Malaysians called for heads to roll.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, depending on how you see that half-filled glass), nothing happened.

So why the kas kas tale? Well you see, something big this way comes at Terato Tech, and it’s not pulling any punches. It’s hitting hard like Muhammad Ali on double steroids. It’s inevitable. It’s even more addictive than Ye Daily Kas Kas fix.

Ladies and gentleman, say hi to Kaskus.

Billed as the largest Indonesian community, some of the techies here are addicted and can’t get their eyes off the site. Now this is probably nothing new to you but here at Terato Tech, globalization is a challenge we eat for breakfast. Twice a day. Kaskus is another one of the daily digests here at Terato Tech. It may not be your average kas kas but this is one spice on the internet that totally enhances the Net Life here at Terato Tech.

Terato Tech itself is like an assortment of spices in almost every thing we do.

We have the the business guy, the camera guy, the singer, the Apple Messiah, the google worshiper, the car aficionado, the techies, the musician, the actor, the nerds, the programmers, the game freaks, the nerds, the programmers, the techies…. well, you get the idea.

Everyone here is into something different and that’s why we can cater to a wide variety of tasks. Each and every one of them is the chuin ka (expert) in their respective fields and every day we learn new things from the other. We can’t be good in every thing but in the fields we’re supposed to be good at, we are damn good. Focus is the main order of the day.

We’re like a small-scale version of the internet. Well, not exactly since the only thing NSFW in the office would be the Xbox but yeah, we got it going good. Everyone here is connected to each other, the world around us, and the worlds within us. And we try to do it in simple ways. Like checking out what other sides of the world have to say. Like checking out KasKus. By staying connected, we make this world flat.

So you see, here at Terato Tech, the world is flat, and round, at the same time.

And that’s just nice for the perfect daily meal.

6 comments on What makes the world go round, we make it flat for you.

  1. i still cant connect between kas kas and kaskus…?!?,,,

    but nice review,,, should be me posting those, but hezman didnt allow me to…. (lol, peace)

  2. and yes I do confirm there is a techies addicted to KasKus and always keep us posted on whats happening there & we still waiting for his turn of blogging.

  3. Benarkah saya tidak membenarkan kamu memosting apa-apa mengenai kaskus, wahai Helmi?

    Kalau begitu, buktikan dengan memosting sesuatu mengenainya hari ini!

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