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I found the settings on Nexus 1 are quite confusing and the keyboard are not that sensitive to touches which is the reason why I keep two lines just for sms sake. Helmi said because of each character(on the keyboard) are not widely spaced but I think the technology/software used on touches events are not really matured enough for Android :p . Am also trying to set up 3G network on my Nexus but to no avail. Anyone know how to please assist me on this, okay?

Nah, let give it a try for another month. Am using the phone as my main phone now 🙂 .

2 comments on What Nexus 1 are (maybe) lacking

  1. I’ve been having loads of itty bitty problems on my nexi as well.

    1. Network Error, sometimes is just decides not to connect to a Telco network, weird??
    2. Cant connect to Wifi, there are also issues of inability to connect to Wi-Fi
    3. Battery life, when used extensively as I used my iPhone, the nexi’s battery life seem to such much more than the 3GS
    4. Access only to fugly games, this is the kind of games i have to put up with on my Nexi

  2. does the nexus one have an app called angry birds ? but wait the Google Goggles seem pretty tight ,overall my moment with nexus one was not bad at all … but to me the 3gs is still the phone to go.

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