Up your game or something!

Up your game or something!

It’s the hottest badminton game (and tournament) in town!

Axiata Cup, the multi-million Ringgit tournament that currently on it’s course to the final stage has been a success so far.

Other than the tournament itself, the Axiata has also been a sweet succes on the smartphones universe.

Get the app now on your Apple, Android and jeng, jeng, jengggg BlackBerry devices to get all the latest news, players info, result and photos of the tournament.

Don’t you forget also to catch matches on LIVE STREAMING coverage and you don’t have to pay anything or get your phone connected to satellite dish to do that.

Plus, the app featured a classical game within called UP YOUR GAME. Let’s see how it’s play like in the video below:

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Get the app now while it’s still hot. You can download from the links we provided below. Enjoy!

Axiata Cup Android:


Axiata Cup iOS:


Axiata Cup BlackBerry: 


Visit Axiata Cup main website to get more info on the tournament and the latest news, http://www.axiatacup.com

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