The sayur is finally here!

Introducing the first ever game by our friends atĀ WERAKU the latest indie game publisher in town, and the game is titledĀ KangKung Krush Fiasco (kangkung)!

Today the social media team at Weraku are working very hard to send out the press releases and news about the game to media and bloggers.

According to their website, Kangkung is a fast paced, challenging game of kangkung collecting exercise. You will start the game by choosing several iconic characters (4 for now), running through obstacles while collecting the sayur (1st level) then in the next two level you really need to focus, making sure the one you collected not falling out of your grasp.

Currently you can play the game for the cheapy price of FREE on the web and from Google Play. Apple/iTunes/iOS Store should be available soon.

If you’re a blogger/journalist, as attached are links to the media releases:


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