Zara Aida holding something, not someone else life

It’s been a while!

Yes, I didn’t really remember the last time any Terato staff featured in a daily newspaper (oh, last month Harian Metro, but that’s a little bit different) but today, one of our starlet has been featured in tech section of New Straits Times.

And her name is Zara Aida, who according to the article is Terato’s Head of Research and Development (actually, she’s more than that. More like a headmistress).

Anyway, the article by Siti Syameen Md Khalili talked challenges faced by Zara during her illustrious career with Terato. From brainstorming a perfect game idea for everyone to engineering the final output.

Head on to the article from link here: Gamer Girls to the Fore


Download the screenshot of the article here: Article PNG (click the link or right click and save as..)

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