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An article entitled, ‘Manfaat Era Digital untuk Beribadah’ by Afiq Hanif, has mentioned several of our co-produced Islamic iPhone apps. You can find the article in today’s Variasi/it@Metro pull out section of the most read Malaysia newspaper, Harian Metro.

In conjunction with the month of Ramadhan which started today in Malaysia, it’s a well written article about those apps that could help the Muslims managing their deeds or ibadah.

Thank you again to Mr. Husain Jahit and Afiq Hanif for this piece.

You can read the online version of the article here: Manfaat Era Digital untuk Beribadah

Promo: A good friend of Terato tech has released Mobile Holy Quran, a mobile version of Muslim’s Holy book.

Excerpt from the app iPad version page, “With the huge screen size, brilliant display and the simplicity of iPhone OS, it is perfect for both the beginner and advanced users to read the Holy Quran.”

Please visit the for more info.

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