Frost & Sullivan. Big name eh?

Reza(wsome) Razali receiving the award. Big smile no? Oh, hello Mr Anoop Zutshi!

Ah, Such a great morning. Birds chirping all over the sky. The sunshine shaded by the blooming clouds. And the traffics, ah, thank God we live and work in Bandar Baru Bangi. Less hassle more output.

To make the things better, last night, Terato tech has been hailed as the Most Innovative Application Provider of the Year during the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards banquet.

Yes Mr, it’s Frost & Sullivan. One of the biggest business research & consulting firm in the world. And surely, last night award is the biggest award we ever receive during our short tenure in this industry.

For the award, we would like to thank the Terato tech team from the past and present, our clients, our families, our followers and friends on Twitters and Facebook and most importantly users of our application and services who always believe in us.

Thank you everybody! Now let’s get back to work!

Oh, more on the awards. Click:

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