We need to win this!

A real fun. A really gorgeous experience. That’s what we had there.

Giving talk (on soon available in the App Store’s QALVINIUS) in front of large audience at Mid Valley Megamall really tests our nerve but thankfully our team manage to overcome that. We’re kind of addicted to it already.

Thanks to Machines and Apple for providing us this kind of opportunity. Here hoping for more!

And now, we need you guy’s help to make us a winner. Click the image above or this link, and press the ‘LIKE’ button. You won’t be sorry.

Want to be a winner yourself? Visit the Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court now (until this Sunday)!

3 comments on A picture from the Mac+iPod Discoveryweek

  1. Come on spot the diff.Calvin without the glasses.salih without the hairdo,henzman with a board.whats the story behind?

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