edm spacexploration

Boom, boom, boom!

Since the landing of Philae on a gigantic comet on 12 November, we at Terato and Cyberview have been thinking day and night on how to give the same experience to the good people of Malaysia.

So we came out with a Happening event from 17 to 19 December 2014 (in a months time), at MaGIC Cyberjaya from 10am until 4pm.


It’s all about exploring the space in you (or with you). During the camp, participants (age 10-14 years old) will be given guidance by our tutors on how to design, create and program their own robots (SPACE ROBOTS!) with a crew and simulate their own space mission.

Sounds fun, no? I don’t care, sounds fun to me. I’m all excited! So head now the registration form here, get discounts for early-bird and yeah, seats are limited! 

If you have any enquiries or just to excited to know more, do call our space agents below:

(a) Mohd Izzat (03-83156081)

(b) Faeq Daniel (03-83156039)

Or Email : clientservices@cyberview.com.my

See you soon, space cowboys, and err, cowgirls!

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