Earlier this week, the Terato’s Social Media team been made aware by a possible phishing scam involving our old website designs and assets.

We want to remind all followers and visitors of our sweet website that there IS ONLY ONE TERATO TECH CORPORATE WEBSITE and it’s currently hosted at www.teratotech.com (not .biz, not .my, not .net, .ios and whatsoever). Please be aware and you should NEVER disclose your information to any party suspected.

The phishing site looks like this (but we already put something on top of it):


On our corporate website, visitors (usually) can only send feedback to us through email (support@teratotech) or using the feedback box provided.

We apologize for inconvenience caused by this matter and already made a report to the authority for further investigation.

Beware or don’t be square and share (Ewah).

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