At Terato Tech, a multi-national and cultural company, we’re always reinventing ourselves, finding new and exciting ways to do the things that we already love doing.

New ideas and fresh perspectives rouse our imagination and creativity, adding another layer of excitement and innovation to our work. Which sometimes does makes work seem more like play!

And that’s something we want to harness here at TeratoTech. In the pursuit of developing great products, our intrepid team of young-spirited adventurers are always ready to experiment and innovate and go down each and every available path, even if it doesn’t always bring the results we expected. Because we believe that, sometimes, the unexpected path opens up to truly great ideas.

Teamwork and learning is a very important part of our company culture – we develop apps and software, but we also believe in developing people. Our team thrives on challenges and we rise to the occasion as one. Because yes, we want to create great products, but it is the smiles that our products bring to the faces of clients and users alike that makes our pursuit all the more worthwhile.

The Maestro


Reza Razali
Managing Director

Reza started coding at age seven, began reading Fortune and Forbes at twelve, co-founded the widely popular Malaysian teen portal at seventeen, started terato at twenty-five and grew it from two to a forty-man operation it is now. A well-known figure in the Malaysian tech industry, Reza also invest in other Malaysian start-ups.