Minecraft Camp 2015

          Recently, Minecraft Camp 2015 has just ended. Around 30 participants have registered for this event which was conducted at Pentagon Suite, Cyberjaya from 8-9 December 2015. Many students are taking the school break opportunities to learn new things from the experienced instructors.

Microsoft has sponsored the Minecraft game and students are able to play with their friends. Below are some pictures during the event:



Figure 1 Student is having fun with Minecraft game



Figure 2  Mr Daniel Tsen is helping the student



Figure 3  Mr Aswin from Microsoft also comes and showing support



Figure 4  All the students are happy and having fun



Figure 5 Group photo of participants and organizers


Thanks to Cyberview Sdn Bhd for being a good partner again and providing all the PC for this Minecraft Camp 2015. Thanks also to all the instructors for sharing the knowledge and experiences with all the students. We hope students will gain something and also having fun during the 2-days session. Till we meet again. Thank you.