When it's ready, we will send it to you(after you pay, of course)!

February is a very quiet month. Everyone are preoccupied with tasks (after tasks) but we really think that’s quite a good sign, in term of progressing to the next level.

Anyway, we have just received our first draft (printed) copy of our next product that should be launch sometime in March (or next week). Quite happy with the outcome but maybe our team need to re-adjust the book dimensions and first few pages a bit.

The printed book is actually part of an iPad book that powered by our new Aiyo (publishing tools). With the new engine, other than flipping the book like a pro, readers will be able to share the content with other people, chat, buy some t-shirts and many more. So, it’s a whole new experience for readers that has been using our products before e.g MAS Going Places, Aiyo Magazine, Forest Fables.

Would you buy it when it is officially released?