Terato Tech 4 Pillars of Mobile Apps Development

While building a mobile app might seem simple, there are many interconnected ideas that are sewn together to make mobile app a success. These ideas also enable the mobile app to be functional and relevant to the users. Here at Terato Tech, we believe in the idea of implementing solid foundations to ensure the success […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider a Mobile App

Have you ever considered building a mobile app for your business? A lot of businesses now are building their own mobile app in order to stay ahead of competition or to simply stay relevant. The biggest motivation could be the fact that users are moving towards mobile at a fast pace. This is especially true […]

7 Ways To Outsource Your Mobile App Development

Mobile device dependency has been on the rise and businesses are considering mobile app development  in order to engage their customers directly. However, these businesses may not have the right tools and talent to develop their own mobile applications that can truly solve their customer’s problem. One of the ways to resolve this issue is […]

BePunct – Get Your Free Demo Today!

TeratoTech is happy to announce BePunct! Bepunct is a cloud employee attendance app that makes managing employee attendance easier for your business. Conventional methods used to keep track of your employee attendance proves to be a hassle. That’s right, all the never ending paperwork and documentation that are needed to be done manually. This manual […]