Slurp! di Sinar Harian

Sedikit berita mengenai rakan-rakan kami di Silent Mode. Minggu lepas mereka ke udara melalui Radio Saudagar, BFM melalui rancangan Ala Carte. Anda boleh mendengarnya (podcast) melalui pautan berikut: Your browser does not support native audio, but you can download this MP3 to listen on your device.  Manakala pada hari ini, Slurp! muncul di akhbar paling […]

Darkness Fallen Menggerhanai IT@Metro

Terima kasih kepada saudara Afiq kerana sekali lagi menulis ulasan aplikasi keluaran kami di ruang IT@Metro akhbar NO1 Nusantara, Harian Metro. Kali ini, masa untuk Kegelapan! Seperti dalam ulasan ,”Darkness Fallen menjadikan anda hero menentang musuh dengan mengumpul orang kuat anda daripada kad. Kemudian, anda perlu mempertahankan tanah Pandora yang mana dalam proses itu membolehkan pengumpulan […]

We’re out to train the Next Generation (Updated)

We’re on The Star’s Metro Biz section today! Oh we’re back! Lim Wing Hooi (thanks!) wrote about our interest to provide new approaches to education with Lego and stuff but with some updates on our company as well. Some excerpt: The company had developed over 80 apps for some 20 companies, including banks. With the advent […]

Read Terato Tech’s Website Privacy Policy

In conjunction with the recent Malaysia’s Data Protection Act, we at Terato just updated our website’s Privacy Policy. You can ready the article here or you can find the link on our website’s footer. Do contact us directly at if you have any enquiry regarding your data (usually we request your email, name, phone […]

Soccer Bot Challenge On the News

Dear all, how’s your raya holiday? Even though our team at Terato been in raya mood for the past week, we still noticed several news head up involving our products and campaigns including the Cyberjaya SoccerBot Challenge to be held September in partnership with CyberView. In fact The Star had run two stories on the […]

Beacons of Malaysia’s Creative Industry

We are really proud to be part of this. Thanks Google Malaysia! You’re so kind! More details to follow. If any. Don’t forget to download our latest app, ATM Locator. You know, to find money.

Welcome to the all new Terato tech’s website

Welcome, oh welcome! Its official! We’ve been working on a new, fresh and re-designed website for the past few months. Been busy preparing for this launch and are excited to unveil the new face of Terato Tech’s corporate website. From now on, it would be lot easier for visitor to browse through our products and services. Other than […]

Resume of Reza Razali

So just two days before the year 2014… Anyway, while hovering around Twitter just now, I found some interesting page about our founder(dated 2th Nov), Reza Razali from the Malaysia’s Resume, a platform where people can share and celebrate the real life success stories of modern Malaysians. And according to them, they want to connect and build […]

Amok Featured on Apppulp

AMoK, the game about Jebat kicking some historical back-sides with the help of Teja and Demak is featured on Apppulp! Apppulp is the latest and up and coming game review blog that focusing on app/game discovery on the iOS platform just like(or nearly) AppOnion. Adam Dream has also been featured on their site before, but Amok […]