ROBORACE 2015 is an annual LEGO robotic event which was started since 2014 where the Soccer Bot Challenge 2014 was a success. ROBORACE 2015 event was being held on the last October 31, 2015 . It was a great and fun event. With over 100 participants for both categories, it was exciting to enable the kids […]

Programming for Kids – Some tools!

In the current century, it is undeniably, people are relying on computer more than ever. Let it be in businesses, cooking, investing, socialising, the list will go on and on endlessly, pretty much on every occasion of our lives. For most average kid, computers and smartphones are fun tools. Education comes much later. Thoughts from […]

We’re out to train the Next Generation (Updated)

We’re on The Star’s Metro Biz section today! Oh we’re back! Lim Wing Hooi (thanks!) wrote about our interest to provide new approaches to education with Lego and stuff but with some updates on our company as well. Some excerpt: The company had developed over 80 apps for some 20 companies, including banks. With the advent […]

Pupuk minat belajar teknologi terkini – Kosmo bercerita tentang LEGO SpaceXploration

Hey, hey kami tanya apaa khaabaarr, semua? Kem Lego SpaceXploration yang berlangsung Disember lepas adalah acara penutup tirai buat inisiatif Lego yang dibawakan oleh Terato Tech dan Cyberview Sdn Bhd. Selain mendekatkan jiwa-jiwa muda dengan pembinaan Lego dan pengaturcaraan, kem dan kelas-kelas dan pertandingan yang diadakan juga memperkenalkan generasi muda Malaysia dengan pencetakan 3Dimensi. Kosmo […]

Lego SpaceXploration Camp 2014, Ready to launch

Well it’s already started yesterday for the first session. Let’s have a look at some scenes from yesterday and today here in MaGIC, Cyberjaya. The event is a partnership between Cyberview, Gomax and Terato tech. And today. It’s all about building the best machine. Although a little bit late, the event also in support of […]

Register now for LEGO SpaceXploration Year End Camp

Boom, boom, boom! Since the landing of Philae on a gigantic comet on 12 November, we at Terato and Cyberview have been thinking day and night on how to give the same experience to the good people of Malaysia. So we came out with a Happening event from 17 to 19 December 2014 (in a months […]