Once a upon a time in Terato


Receive a memo from the boss earlier today.

Dear Team,

Three (3) years ago on 1st Dec 2008, I first moved in into this office. 

Since then we have had a non stop good run and growth from 2 people to about 15-16 people we have now, And now as we officially moved into our fourth year of operation, I would like to thanks those who have been with us all these years and lets totally rock 2012 off. 

2012 is going to be our most exciting year ever and I am honored to have you all with me as we battle for another year to be the most awesomest of company 300 KM North of Singapura. 


Reza Fawsome Razali. 

So, we are really grateful in having three beautiful years creating sweet products and services for users. We are looking forward to the future for more great things.

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