Look at those teeth/tooth. You'll get it with low calory diet. Click the image for story on AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

We’re Malaysians and we’re certainly proud of it. Even more when a team of us did something that make the nation going jump for joy and the prime minister without hesitation handed us a free end of year holiday. That’s tomorrow, and Terato tech (with the Rezawsome consent, and yeah, he’s happy for the Malaysian team) will observe it with dignity.

The Malaysian football team or nicknamed Harimau Malaya has won the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time in 14 long years. It’s a tournament between nations from South East Asia and is held every two years. We won the cup by beating Indonesia in two-legged final with 4-2 aggregate. Safee Sali won the golden boot award with 5 goals and Khairul Fahmi (not related tih Reza Fahmi though), the amazing goal-post-to-post-keeper gets his own popular twitter trending worldwide.

The tournament was a blast as it’s not only popular on the twitter world, the crowds has been huge in every game, 80 to 90 thousands for matches in Malaysia and Indonesia, it even get the attention of the Gizmodo.

Nice story to end the year.

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