This evening we strolled down to Moscone West and along the way make some new friends. One of them have been developing for Mac Platform ever since I was born(an I’m certainly still young and funky!). So a veteran in mac programming, it’s his 14th times (if I’m not mistaken) going to WWDC. His name is Dennis Stanton. He’s quite cute.

Well you could and should recognized fellow WWDC attendees because apparently they‘re wearing the WWDC10 sweatshirt & many of them has started wearing it shortly after receiving it.

And yes, we did attended the Apple Developer Asian Meeting at 6.00pm.

WWDC Asian Developer meeting.

On the way back ,  we saw people waiting outside Apple Store. Maybe people can’t wait for the most anticipated mobile phone-iPhone 4G?

Well after half and hour waiting outside Apple Store, they still did not give any hints on the new iPhone but instead putting up iPad advertisement bunting. (I WANT MY IPHONE4G!) 🙁

So I guess we have to wait for tomorrow. 😀

2 comments on Moscone Centre re-visit and WWDC Asia Conference

  1. yepp no clue yet for the new iphone, or new apple tv or even new next gen os.

    malaysia time 2:00 am we will see the crowds begin.

    p/s: worth to note the first notice 😉

    1. no, not yet.. im still waiting inside the moscone west and the keynote session is 1 hour and 40 minutes away.

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