It’s Monday!

So it’s maybe a good time to share some pictures of us during Accelerate 2010 event in Singapore.

[nggallery id=13]

Any familiar faces? While checking them out, why don’t you check your bank account summary too, via iPad!

Crystal Clear Octo baby!

We’ve released the HD(or IPad) version of CIMB Clicks to the Apple App Store.

Do check it out by clicking the Octo logo above or HERE (iTunes link).

"Touch this here, and this here..."

Finally, we would like to suggest you guys to buy the September 2010 issue of Mobile World Magazine (Issue No. 90).

Try to look for two articles which involved us. The articles entitled The Malaysian Phone User Revealed and AIYO! The Mag i Alive on page 54 and 55 respectively.

Thank you.

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