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CIDB was established in July 1994 under the Construction Industry Development Board Act (Act 520) to undertake functions related to the Construction Industry. It offers construction personnel a place to get updated information on the Malaysian Construction Industry. CIDB coordinates all activities in the Construction Industry and increases its competitiveness.

CIDB has developed an app to help users to get authorised information related to the Construction Industry.

Some notable features of the app:

  • News – Able to view ‘News’ banner of TOP 5 News related to Construction Industry.
  • Check Application Status – Able to view real-time application status when they apply to be registered Contractors under CIDB
  • Find Contractors – Able to find legitimate registered Contractors
  • Green Card Status – Able to view current Greencard Status.
  • Training List (Green Card, ABM, CCD, CPD, PLBK) – Able to view latest training available and upcoming.