10 Helpful Blogs & Resources Every iOS Beginners Should Know

Aside from  the referring to official iOS documentation and obviously Stack Overflow, I usually refer to some other blogs and websites to understand Cocoa framework better and to learn best practices when using the API. So today, I would like to share some of the blogs and resources that I currently subscribe to. Hopefully, some of them will help you to become […]

XCode: 7 Steps to Easily Switch Between Multiple Environments

During development process, we usually have to work on a multiple environments namely; staging and production. These environments tend to have a few different parameters such as the server hostname, Bundle ID and third-party app API keys to name a few. Previously, I tend to switch between this environments manually. Means, I manually replace the server URL […]

HHB iOS Tips: Send Enterprise app Distribution

  The other day, I was pulling my leg off because I had an issue to one of my client’s device cannot install app I distributed. So, we had an application that distribute over the air (OTA) by using enterprise certificate. We have created our own web service and hosted inside back in 2011. But […]

Terato tech at WWDC 2014

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is back. And Terato tech will be part of it. For the next 5 days, from June 2 to 6 at Moscone West in San Francisco, California, Terato yet again will make a presence at the WWDC. The annual event is an initiative by Apple to gives developers an in-depth look at the […]

Usahawan Nusantara kini di Apple App Store

Memulakan tahun baru 2014, Terato tech dan Aiyo ingin memperkenalkan anda kepada majalah terbaru Usahawan Nusantara. Majalah yang  diterbitkan 2 bulan sekali dengan enjin Aiyo ini, ingin menjadi wadah pertemuan atau perhubungan untuk para usahawan muda dan pemimpin di dunia Nusantara. Pengedaran versi cetak merangkumi pelabur budiman, pegawai-pegawai eksekutif tersohor, para pemimpin dan pengamal-pengamal kewangan. […]

PRU.MY On Top!

PRU.MY, a initiative by Terato tech and Amanz powered by Snappinion currently is on the top of Apple App Store charts across the region(or in Malaysia at least)! Don’t be left behind. Take you stand, have your say and join this ever growing community of well-behave samaritans. It’s FREE and you don’t need any subsidy […]

Feel the Axiata on this App Gameplay video

It’s the hottest badminton game (and tournament) in town! Axiata Cup, the multi-million Ringgit tournament that currently on it’s course to the final stage has been a success so far. Other than the tournament itself, the Axiata has also been a sweet succes on the smartphones universe. Get the app now on your Apple, Android […]

Introducing Match & Meet, find your soul mates

Seriously in love? Terato in association with Celcom proudly present you Match & Meet, the sweetest and most honest dating app ever invented. Yes, it’s a dating app and no, we’re not matching you with somebody else based on the way you looks. From the app desctiption: Match & Meet, or M&M, (nope, not related to any […]

Apple VS Samsung, What our developer thought

The following is my thoughts about this matter as a developer. The impact of this lawsuit can only mean good things instead of bad things for developers. First of all, this has nothing to do with Android. Google have been for years trying to tweak Android to avoid all the Apple patents as much as […]

A Terato Take on WWDC12

The recently concluded WWDC has yet again left us with many thoughts to ponder. From the first ever keynote by Tim Cook as CEO to release the all new iOS6, Apple has never ceased to make  technology enthusiasts feel the excitement in their blood and pockets. Here at Terato, as developers we always love to hear and […]