MyUsrah – Connect with your mosque or surau!

Assalamualaikum akhi and ukhti, How’s your Ramadhan so far? Hopefully all of us will be showered with Allah’s blessings during this holy month. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, we would like to share with you our latest invention and might be one of the most important in our Ramadhan’s history, an app called MyUsrah. MyUsrah is an application […]

Meet Zara Aida Razali, co-founder of Silent Mode’s Slurp

As a strong partner of Silent Mode’s Slurp, we at Terato would like to present you series of article to introduce key personnels behind the sweet Cloud POS System. Let us start with Zara Aida. Zara Aida Razali is a co-founder of Silent Mode’s Slurp. Growing up in Bangi, Zara is passionate about technology and […]

PHP and ASP.NET Developer Vacancies at Terato (March 2014)

It’s that time of the year again! We are seeking an experienced/fresh graduates PHP and ASP.NET Developer to join one of the fastest, and strongest and sweetest software development agency based in Bangi, Selangor. If you’re interested, you need to be good at: For PHP Developer Programming language: PHP with skill and knowledge on MySQL […]

Terato tech and Aiyo! mag in Comm & Tech Asia

A very short update. Comm & Tech Asia, an online-publication from the team that brings out Mobile World magazine, has came out with quite an in-depth story on our team and Aiyo! mag. Please click the glorious picture below to read the article. Happy weekend folks! =)