Potential Intern and technician, your time is NOW!

Happy Thursday and it’s nearly the end of May. Time really flies and now we are looking to add up more people to our already awesome team. Love awesome. So cool. Anyway, we’re looking for students (actually we would like to offer 2 slots) for our internship program in September. So if you’re studying some […]

Wordless Wednesday: Comic Fiesta 2012

P/S: Terato tech are hiring. Browse through our Career page and you might get the chance to travel all around the globe (participating events that relevant with your job scope).

12 Soroton (atau wajah babyface) teknologi 2012 oleh Harian Metro. Oh, dan Kerja Kosong!

Sekali lagi terima kasih kepada Harian Metro dan Afiq Hanif kerana menyertakan kami di dalam ruangan tengah it@Metro semalam. Melalui cerita bertajuk 12 Sorotan Teknologi Anda Tertinggal, Terato atau lebih khusus sebenarnya (bersama muka) Reza Razali, dikatakan sebaris dengan syarikat antarabangsa yang bertapak di Amerika Syarikat seperti Google, Yahoo dan juga Twitter. Ini merupakan penghargaan […]

Welcome to the World!

We at Terato would like to congratulate our senior designer Hafizul, for having his first-born child yesterday. And it’s a girl! Other than that, we would also like to welcome our new staff Ajmal to this humbly little office of ours. Hopefully you will enjoy your enjoy and produce a lot of great stuff with […]