7 Ways To Outsource Your Mobile App Development

Mobile device dependency has been on the rise and businesses are considering mobile app development  in order to engage their customers directly. However, these businesses may not have the right tools and talent to develop their own mobile applications that can truly solve their customer’s problem. One of the ways to resolve this issue is […]

Ilham On Android: Designing The Interface (Part 1)

Google recently released a new IDE for developing Android application, namely Android Studio. This post will be the first of a series of posts briefly on how to use the IDE and finally come out with a simple app. I will be developing a BMI app, which is easier to understand. Let’s set out some requirements for […]

Ilham on Android: Studio

Eclipse was my first IDE for developing Android applications. I’ve used Eclipse before for Java stuff, so navigating the user interface was easy. I used the IDE for a few years, and somehow felt slower as the project grew bigger. I tried Android Studio in its early days, but it was still difficult to use […]

Trainee for iOS and Android Mobile Development (Sep-Oct)

Terato tech are looking for you yet again! Currently the mobile development trainee program is under going within our team but we’re quite greedy and we want to add more people to the force. So, if you’re a fresh graduate or final semester(year) student looking for internship placement, have great interest and decent skills for […]

Calling all fellow Animators and Game Artist!

We are looking to expand our game team therefore we would like to invite all animators and game artist out there to send your portfolios and nachos to our career centre! Terato tech, an MSC Status Company is currently one of the most exciting mobile development company you will ever heard in Malaysia ( I think so). […]

What our developers think about Google I/O

Most of us already know what happened during last week Google I/O. Stuff such as Project Glass, the new Android OS Jellybean and Nexus 7. Well let me share what our developers think about the event. Muzakkir feels the offline features of Google Voice Search and Google Docs is the most interesting one. Other than […]