Slurp now with Delivery Feature

Cool stuff! Our friends at Silent Mode just released the latest version of Slurp, now with Delivery Feature. With the release of the new feature, end users now have an easy way, with a click of a button, to request their food to be delivered to an address they specify using the Slurp customer application. […]

Google Wallet Merchant is here!

WOOHOOOOOOO!!! Finally after years of waiting, we just got an email from Google stating that Google Wallet Merchant is finally adding Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand to the list of supported country. We in Terato are celebrating this good news. But what does it mean, what happened after this ? This means, it will be […]

Terato tech Shorlisted in 2013 Red Herring 100 Asia Finalist (Press Release)

Terato tech wishes welcome back to everyone from the long holiday of Hari Raya, summer and to certain people, school holiday. We really hope everyone feel refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead in remaining months of the year. Anyway, we received a good news yesterday (not yet great, but very hopeful for that) as […]

Helmi(looks sexy) on NST!

A very, very, very delayed news! We just knew about this earlier this week. One of our programmer, Helmi Hasan Baraja (not related to Ruben Baraja) was featured in an article on New Straits Times 12 September pull-out, Life & Times: Tech. The article titled Desire for apps access, discussed mainly on Android mobile platform […]