Slurp now with Delivery Feature

Cool stuff! Our friends at Silent Mode just released the latest version of Slurp, now with Delivery Feature. With the release of the new feature, end users now have an easy way, with a click of a button, to request their food to be delivered to an address they specify using the Slurp customer application. […]

All About Adam Dream: Videos and PR

As yesterday we have shared with you reviews done by beautiful people from all over the world, today we would like to share with you some Adam Dream gameplay and walkthrough videos that we found from youtube. Enjoy! Gameplay Video by AppZebra via YouTube by AppZebra Walkthrough Video, Levels 1-12 by AppZebra via YouTube by […]

Malaysia Most Wanted (with Media Kit)

Finally, after hectic but colorful months of development, we are proud to unveil our latest FREE mobile application,‘Malaysia Most Wanted’. Developed for both iPhone and Android platform, Malaysia Most Wanted is a tool that simplify the way for us to share information on missing and wanted person via the email or even Facebook. It is […]